Monday, July 15, 2013

People’s Trust wants Homeowners to know Preparation is the Best Strategy!

Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, People’s Trust Insurance Company is a homeowner’s insurance company committed to make Florida homeowners insurance affordable. The company aims to provide customers with protection that emphasizes savings, security and customers first. In an effort help all policyholders, People’s Trust urges that preparation for storms is the best strategy and helps to give them the research and tools to be as equipped as possible. Aside from offering emergency preparedness information available on their website, People’s Trust also holds their own internal hurricane awareness week to ensure that their employees are aware of what they will be responsible for in the event of a storm, how they should have their own homes ready as well as general disaster information. 

During national hurricane week, People’s Trust sends all customers links and documents to assist in their planning before, during and after the storm. These include an Emergency Supply List, Utility Shut-Off tips, a Hurricane Fact Sheet, and a Family Emergency Plan among others. The company focuses their efforts on making sure all policyholders are aware that the Rapid Response Team is available 24/7 to tarp roofs, board windows, and remove water. They are ready in the event disaster strikes. People’s Trust urges that being as fully prepared as possible not only protects families from disasters, but also prevents higher repair-costs by making their home damage-resistant prior to the storm. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

People’s Trust Insurance Company is based on a mission committed to giving homeowners living in Florida an insurance policy that is affordable and offers security. People’s Trust was founded when Florida resident Michael Gold’s insurance was overpriced and he became determined to make a difference to his home-state homeowners. He brought in a team of experienced insurance executives and created a company committed to ethical practices and programs developed with integrity for their customers.
People’s Trust commits to covering all damages post-catastrophe but also brings in their expert water, fire, smoke and storm restoration professionals to repair all damages. This not only guarantees quality service during recovery, but it also helps keep premiums to a minimum by preventing fraud from outside repair consultants, saving all customers time and money. With their Rapid Reponse Team available 24/7, all policyholders can feel comfortable that they will be taken care of in the event of a disaster. The team promises 100 % customer satisfaction as well as a 3-year guarantee.
Customers also benefit from the People’s Trust Insurance Company’s vipGOLD program, which provides customers immediate response in the event of a claim as well as an additional 5 % reduction on their annual premiums.
In addition to immediate and quality service, People’s Trust Insurance Company provides excellent services to stay informed and prepared before the storm hits. Annually at the end of May, the company sends out an email to prepare all policyholders for Hurricane Season with effective tips for staying safe with links to best practices.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

People’s Trust for All Your Insurance Needs

People’s Trust Insurance Company puts all their customers’ needs in their hands by offering a new model for insurance that is designed for low home insurance rates, maximized coverage, and expedited service in crisis scenarios. People’s Trust Insurance Company is based in Florida and developed thoroughly for Floridians as the solution that they have been waiting for. 

People’s Trust Insurance was founded by Michael Gold, a local Floridian who was fed up himself with the frustrations of skyrocketing insurance premiums and climbing rates. Gold developed a concept for insurance that revolutionized insurance in Florida, called Basic Choice. Basic Choice was created to be a one-stop, simple solution to cater to everyone’s demands at an affordable price.  “We are here to provide dependable coverage at a fair price. That is what I look for as a consumer. That is what our company offers,” says Michael Gold, CEO of People’s Trust. 

Peoples Trust Insurance Boca Raton

Unique to other insurance companies, People’s Trust has their own team of skilled professionals and statewide warehouses of materials allowing them to be prepared for any catastrophe at any time.  Available 24/7 claims representatives are ready for calls and promise an immediate response to get a member of their Rapid Response team to the rescue. The Rapid Response Team provides a service to get your home back to recovery with quality work, and a 3-year workmanship guarantee. Also, the VIP Gold Program is another perk of People’s Trust available to all customers for no additional price.

Fast Claims handling, quality repairs and great service are a company guarantee at People’s Trust Insurance. Gold has built his company on a lot of personal morals and being reliable is one of them. People’s Trust Insurance will stick by each and every one of his customers in a time of need. Gold strongly believes that this type of revolutionized insurance will keep homeowners from fleeing from Florida due to insurance rates they can no longer keep up with, or very little coverage leaving families to fend for themselves in an emergency. Gold is proud to be able to say that thirty thousand Floridians have decided to join the family of People’s Trust Insurance and are finally experiencing the treatment they’ve always deserved.